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Highlights of the final match of K Cup Futsal Tournament

K Cup this year was a flurry of stimulating football matches played by our team members in the 7th futsal tournament. 13 teams competed against each other for a glorious finish to secure themselves as winners, with a noted mention to the first ever mixed gender team in the history of football in Kuramathi. Burafathi,…

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The Ari Atoll Dive Logbook

Diving in the Ari Atoll is one of the incredible experiences one could have in the Maldives. The vast variety of marine animals you witness in one single dive is mind blowing. From bright coloured soft corals to mantas and whalesharks, you will not regret the decision of plunging into the world below. Here is…

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Counting stars on Kandolhu

Witnessing a canopy of stars on a clear evening sky is one of the most tantalizing moments experienced in the Maldives, given the low light pollution in the island dotted nation. The world famous destination is known for its idiosyncratic islets, where each island tells us a different story. Stargaze and observe constellations at Kandolhu…

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