Kuramathi, Naturally Maldives
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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Plants of Kuramathi: Screw Pine Tree

Ubiquitously found in Kuramathi, this oddly shaped tree used to be the main source of food during the early famines in the Maldives. Aptly named after its large screw like roots, the plant can reach 12 to 14 metres in height when fully grown. It also bears a delicious fruit covered in a thick greenish hard shell, its flesh red in colour. Locally referred to as

Interactive TV at the Eco Centre

We are pleased to share with you the latest upgrade to our Eco Centre ; interactive touch screen TVs, a fun yet educational approach to better understand our environment. Placed just in front of the sperm whale exhibit, these 2 HD Touch Smart PC

Highlights of the Earth Week

A very successful Earth Week was celebrated at Kuramathi last month. From a complete clean-up of the island both overwater and underwater, to tours at the powerhouse and a local farming island, this year