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Travelife Gold Award, 2013

“Achieving a Travelife Award isn’t easy and requires a good result from the Travelife Audit” – http://www.travelifecollection.com/awards

Gold 2

Kuramathi seconds the statement, after attaining the Travelife Gold Award twice in a row. The distinctive award comes with hard work of course; which includes meeting with a number of strict policies based on the commitment given to sustainable practices in a resort/hotel following an audit. A strong focus is also highlighted on Corporate Social Responsibility strategies enforced by the resort. We take this moment to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our team members who contribute their efforts, to maintain the standards consistently.

Apart from the alluring natural beauty the island is renowned for, Kuramathi is one of the most self-sustained resorts in the Maldives. Being a large island compared to Maldivian standards, it uses the extra space diligently, with the many striking initiatives implemented up to this day. The island houses a powerhouse with 5 world-class generators, enough to supply electricity to the entire island. Water is recycled and used in various ways, thanks to our top-notch sewerage plant. Our garden greens, accounts for 70% of salads served on the island and features over 10 types of herbs; all originating from our efficiently run Hydroponic Garden. Standing tall as an eco-friendly resort, Kuramathi also plays a vital role to help the Rasdhoo community; the local island who calls us their neighbour, who attend educative presentations at the Eco Centre, and celebrating important events of the year such as the World Ocean Day and the World Environment Day.

What is Travelife?

Travelife is an international certification scheme for hotels and accommodations that helps them to improve how they manage their environmental and social impacts, such as the way their energy or water consumption, or how they treat the people they employ or the local community where they operate.

Have you met Frauke?


Having garnered numerous experiences and vastly qualified in her field, Frauke is our current marine biologist, leading the Eco Centre. A PhD holder, and a naturalist, Frauke began her career in 1998 sharing her knowledge and expertise whilst globetrotting as a PADI Divemaster in Egypt, and working in marine science in Germany, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom. Her PhD research was on the effects of climate change on marine calcifying organisms at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. We regard her as an important member of the Kuramathi team with her rich background in the field of marine biology. Frauke is also the frontman of the snorkelling excursion; introducing the enigma of the ocean to first-time and advanced snorkellers. Guests also enjoy her presentations, which occur three times a week at the Eco Centre, in English and German along with a special microscopic presentation delving into a world unknown to us. Amongst other duties, she is giving training units to newly arrived staff members on environmentally correct behaviour.

“I find Maldivians to be warm and amicable people. If you’ve chosen the Maldives as your holiday destination, you’ve made the right decision as the true beauty of it lies underneath and this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss in a lifetime.”

Fast Facts

Name: Frauke Bagusche
Birthday:  3rd July
Star Sign: Cancer
Favourite colour: Blue and green

Lonubo – your fantasy island

News from the Islands of Ari Atoll
Lonubo – your fantasy island

012 - Lonubo Aerial

Lonubo, the tiny island next to Maafushivaru captivates many in its net of wonder; and for a lot of reasons; the powdery white beaches encircling the island and the astounding reef housing a palette of colourful, underwater animals. Two guest villas are sited in the centre of Lonubo, should the need arise to elope with your betrothed.

Maafushivaru offers three attractive getaway packages to suit this specific need to escape from reality, on Lonubo, letting you have the whole island to yourself! Elect from the choices available; which delivers three unique experiences combined with the exclusivity of Lonubo.

‘The Romance Picnic package’, is a beautifully prepared picnic for a couple. You take a hamper full of delicious goodies with you when you arrive to Lonubo complete with an array of soft drinks and water. ‘The Island BBQ’ package, is your modern day BBQ where a chef concocts grilled delicacies on the beach, whilst you spend time together sipping a fancy glass of wine, admiring the vista of sunset and stars! ‘Desert Island Dream package’, provides a fully catered 4 course meal complete with a chef and a waiter. Sit and enjoy the true Maldivian experience of a private dinner on the beach with sand between your toes.

After the bliss of heavenly food, you are left all by yourself to discover the island’s intimacy with your partner under a canopy of stars. The fleeting sensation of being the only ones on this tiny gem will soon overwhelm you. You are also assigned a villa, beautifully designed with a hint of Maldivian architecture, furnished with contemporary creature comforts and an outdoor bathroom. Spend your night slumbering in serenity, and rise to the tropical sun, for you’ll be served breakfast complemented with sparkling wine – what an awesome start to the day!

020 - Lonubo Beach

Tempting yet true, the so called ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience materialises once you spend your time on this magical island.