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Dive Souvenirs from your holiday

One of the most surreal experiences in life is the ability to breathe underwater or swim like a fish, or better, both! Step into our magical underwater garden and you’re bound to be enthralled with the amazing number of marine animals that would leave in you in awe, at the same time crack you up with their funny behaviour, and remind you that you have to do it over again once you are back on surface.


North Ari Atoll is a famous site for underwater enthusiasts, and we are lucky to be right in the middle of all the action. Rasdhoo Divers offers the chance to get excellent footage of its dive sites in high definition quality videos taken by one of our gifted underwater videographers. So if you ever feel the need to be nostalgic, grab either a DVD or a Flash Drive at Rasdhoo Divers at a very reasonable rate!

DVD’s of the dive sites$70 + taxes

Flash Drive$85 + taxes

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