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Have you met Frauke?


Having garnered numerous experiences and vastly qualified in her field, Frauke is our current marine biologist, leading the Eco Centre. A PhD holder, and a naturalist, Frauke began her career in 1998 sharing her knowledge and expertise whilst globetrotting as a PADI Divemaster in Egypt, and working in marine science in Germany, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom. Her PhD research was on the effects of climate change on marine calcifying organisms at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. We regard her as an important member of the Kuramathi team with her rich background in the field of marine biology. Frauke is also the frontman of the snorkelling excursion; introducing the enigma of the ocean to first-time and advanced snorkellers. Guests also enjoy her presentations, which occur three times a week at the Eco Centre, in English and German along with a special microscopic presentation delving into a world unknown to us. Amongst other duties, she is giving training units to newly arrived staff members on environmentally correct behaviour.

“I find Maldivians to be warm and amicable people. If you’ve chosen the Maldives as your holiday destination, you’ve made the right decision as the true beauty of it lies underneath and this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss in a lifetime.”

Fast Facts

Name: Frauke Bagusche
Birthday:  3rd July
Star Sign: Cancer
Favourite colour: Blue and green

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