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Have you met Mike and Kat?


Mike and Kat are new faces at Kuramathi, who heads the newly refurbished Aqua Sports & Fun. The pair arrived in February this year, bringing a powerful background and experience to our water sports and excursions department. New to the Maldives, they found the place ideal for water sports fanatics and were thrilled at the idea of running the water sports at Kuramathi.

Mike tells us his story; he started sailing at a mere age of 5 years, and how this developed into a passion later on in his life. Hailing from Ireland and having worked in the water sports industry since 17 years, he accumulated experiences around the world, in destinations such as Antigua, Greece and Turkey. He is a master sailor, with competent skill and expertise in operating catamarans, dinghy, sailboats and yacht-marina.

Kat is a graduate from the University of Leeds with a major in International Politics, who also happens to be a keen windsurfer ever since she was a child. Originally from the United Kingdom, she stumbled onto the sport while travelling in Australia, and has been an experienced sailor since then, gaining an instructor qualification in windsurfing and sailing later on. She met Mike at Greece and the couple has shared their adventures in overseas destinations up to this day, accounting to their fondness of water sports.

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