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Microscopic presentation – Why is it so interesting

Spirula spirula - Deep water squid

Concealed to the human eye, planktons are extremely tiny animals that live in the water body of the ocean or better, they are the building blocks of the majestic ocean. Consisting out of small animals and plants, they stand at the bottom of the food chain in the ocean. Especially the Phytoplankton is important as it provides about 40-70% of the total amount of oxygen produced on our planet. On every Saturday, the Eco Centre reveals this mysterious world of plankton to our guests through a highly enthralling microscopic presentation.


The presentation starts at 18:00hrs, an hour after collecting plankton at the Rasdhoo Channel. The catch would contain plankton with an average size of 200 micrometers, and when placed under the high definition microscope, it shows us a magnified view of this tiny organism, that would go unnoticed to the naked eye. Our Resident Marine Biologist paints a more vivid picture as she tells the story of the major types of plankton that resides in the vast sea:

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