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New dishes at The Reef

Perched at the far end of the island, nestled amongst trees, and offering views into the mighty shades of the Maldivian blue; The Reef is a popular choice for guests, especially couples wanting a quiet and romantic dining experience. Excelling in seafood, the restaurant provides fresh catch from the sea, succulent cured meats along with garden-fresh salads and breads.

This month, it just got all better, when we unveiled the new menu with over 50 dishes, ingeniously designed by our Executive Chef, Michel Muffat. The exclusive menu is infused with new flavours that make the dishes even more delectable; showcasing a potpourri of seafood combined with the culinary ideas inspired by an Asian touch.

Begin your meal with a starter like the Barbequed Octopus, grilled with chorizo and olives salad and dressed in shrimp paste vinaigrette. Once you manage to finish it off, satiate yourself with a main course, where a wide choice of options are available; indulge in exotic seafood or tender meat prepared just how you like it! Save some space for dessert as well, as we offer delicious cakes and tarts from our island patisserie. Alternatively, you could also go for an ice cream. The choice is yours, to make your meal into an unforgettable culinary journey!

Reserve your experience early, and get ready to escape into an adventure of fine dining at The Reef.

Dishes to be featured


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