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Whale sharks: Spotting the gentle giants

Diving in the Maldives is a dream come true to anyone who’s taken the plunge down the fascinating world below. The nutrient-rich, temperate ocean promises uniquely surreal experiences; exquisite coral gardens weaving the convoluted eco system housing such an extensive variety of marine species, you probably would have to refer to a fish guide after…

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Behind the creative architecture and design of Kandolhu

There’s so much that come to one’s mind when you picture Kandolhu Island; a surreal escape in the Maldives, a slice of exotic perfection, and a best kept secret in the Maldives are just a few taglines to give an insight into the concept of the intimate island. Apart from the natural allures, there is…

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Guest Flicks

Guests who have stayed with us have shared some of their valuable memories with us on Facebook and Twitter and we would like to share some of these magnificent captures with you! Happy viewing! Guest Flicks from Kuramathi Guest flicks from Kandolhu Guest flicks from Maafushivaru

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