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Have you met Frauke?

Having garnered numerous experiences and vastly qualified in her field, Frauke is our current marine biologist, leading the Eco Centre. A PhD holder, and a naturalist, Frauke began her career in 1998 sharing her knowledge and expertise whilst globetrotting as a PADI Divemaster in Egypt, and working in marine science in Germany, Austria, France, and…

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Lonubo – your fantasy island

News from the Islands of Ari Atoll Lonubo – your fantasy island Lonubo, the tiny island next to Maafushivaru captivates many in its net of wonder; and for a lot of reasons; the powdery white beaches encircling the island and the astounding reef housing a palette of colourful, underwater animals. Two guest villas are sited…

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Dive Souvenirs from your holiday

One of the most surreal experiences in life is the ability to breathe underwater or swim like a fish, or better, both! Step into our magical underwater garden and you’re bound to be enthralled with the amazing number of marine animals that would leave in you in awe, at the same time crack you up…

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