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Foodies Haven: Maldivian Short Eats Recipe – Boakibaa

Kulhi boakibaa (Savoury tuna cake) 400 gr. rice soaked overnight, blended to a semi coarse stage 250 gr. smoked tuna 300 gr. grated coconut fresh 300 gr. chopped onion The juice of 4 limes 3 pcs chopped chili 8 pcs chopped curry leaves Salt 25 gr. Ginger grated 20 gr. turmeric powder 200 gr. water…

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Beginner snorkelling lessons at Kuramathi

Ever dreamt about wandering out on your own to explore the mysterious underwater world Kuramathi offers the perfect opportunity to do so at our Aqua Sports & Fun Excursions Centre! Begin with an introductory session with an excursions guide (where equipment is provided complimentary during the lesson), and venture out to the first snorkelling channel…

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Underwater Diaries of Kuramathi

The Maldives has been on every diver’s wish list, and it is obvious why. For instance, where else can you explore the spectacular marine life so freely and safely? Second, the waters here are so temperate and warm, you might feel as if you’ve stepped into a natural jacuzzi (minus the whirlpool effect though). Third,…

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