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Sensual Therapies for the Ardent Lovers at Maafushivaru Spa

A holiday isn’t truly a seamless one without a pampering massage in a serene setting. A trip to the spa is worth the visit since you enter with expectations to cleanse your soul from the accumulated woes of stress prior to your holiday, and leaving you in a state of intense comfort and a more relaxed self. A spa treatment in the Maldives, has been and still exists on plenty of wish lists and it is with due reason why tourist travellers aspire to try one in the island dotted nation.


The Spa at Maafushivaru looks chic and boasts contemporary design. Well equipped with modern day luxuries and beds that function with the use of a remote control system, The Spa offers a wide range of therapies, from the preserved art of Ayurveda to the famed Balinese and Thai treatments, strong focus is given on skin and body care. Our product lines include VOYA; that uses generations of acquired wisdom about the sea to bring you an organic beauty range designed to delight and purify your body. Yonka on the other hand, is a well-established brand renowned as pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Presently, they boast a meticulous selection of Spas around the globe, with a history of delivering aesthetic treatments for over 60 years.

The ambience is wonderful; a Jacuzzi set to give vistas of the azures, while practically the sound of nothingness emanates the air. This makes The Spa a must-try for the lovebirds staying in Maafushivaru, and the couple’s massages further complete this statement.

Designed for the romantics, three sensual couple’s therapies provide the perfect experience for lovers. Maafushivaru Moment instils a sense of calm with Ylang Ylang and an aromatic bath to be enjoyed with sparkling wine and fruits. Couple’s Rebirth focuses heavily on Ayurvedic healing oils finished with a private bath with selected oils and salts. Romantic Memories however allows you to indulge in a unique selection of oils to create wonderful memories, as the name suggests.

Ponder over the options and make the choice, to unwind and uncover the passage of the lover at Maafushivaru Spa.

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