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Every day at Bageecha is a fun day filled with an exciting two week schedule. Every morning, kids will get to play in the water, either at the beach or at the pool. In the afternoon, activities listed for the day are organised every other week. Do note that depending on the number of children on the island, the activities are subject to change.


Fish & Ocean Day

This day is all about the marine life around Kuramathi!

We are going to start the day by coloring fishes and the most exciting part in the morning is that you will have the chance to get a very special fish tattoo.

Together with the marine biologist we will explore the Eco Centre in the afternoon and learn all about the fishes, corals, plants and crabs which live in the lagoon and reef side of the island.



In the morning you can join us for fun games, like musical chairs, musical statues or spin the bottle

At lunch time we can pretend to be little chefs by making a BBQ and cooking delicious food like yummy corn or marshmallows. In the afternoon, we will play games like puzzles, memory, card games and much more.


Kuramathi Day

Today we will visit Kuramathi’s plant nursery for an interesting tour where we will learn how plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables grow.

In the afternoon you will have the chance to learn all about the trees, the fruits and animals that call Kuramathi home on the guided tour of the nature trail.


Beach Time

Today is the day where we have fun on the beach with interesting contests followed by action games in the water. For our afternoon activity we will collect natural objects to make a big collage together.


Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt can only be played by some real pirates.

Before we can start we have to design our own costumes: pirate hat, eye patch, pirate flag.

After that we are ready to face many obstacles and challenges on our hunt for the hidden treasure.


Pool Time

We will cool down by swimming and playing games in the water.

The rest of the day we will spend making fishes and stars out of coconut palm leaves.


Fun Day

Join us for a fun day of face painting as well as lots of funny games indoors and outdoors. We will end the day with a special movie.