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When dreams become a reality, the pirate flag of Bageecha is up! You can then feel the magic in the air. We now know that Bageecha is not far anymore… Bageecha is a shipwreck, stranded in the deserted island of Kuramathi many years ago. The palms and bushes have grown around the wreck and this is now the home to the young pirates of the isle.

At our Bageecha Kids Club for young pirates, you will be welcomed by Captain Sara and her peculiar crew of pirates. Our pirate crew is always on the hunt for the mysterious treasure left behind by the notorious Captain Fatbeard. The first clue is that the treasure was left behind somewhere on the island of Kuramathi. But with the help of the old treasure map, the adventure can begin! We will venture in the depths of the sea and comb out the dense jungle, where tough challenges await us. But beware; do not let your attention slip away, since we are not the only ones trying to solve the riddles of the mysterious treasure, argh!!!