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Over 300 sqm is dedicated to Bageecha. It includes two play areas for the pirates-in-training and an entertainment room. A dining area with a small kitchen invites you for lunch with the Bageecha captain and her legendary crew.

A crèche is available for wee pirates below 3 years of age, and are under the watchful eye of a member of the crew. Babysitting services for children under 3 are available on request at an extra charge. Bageecha is open after 19.30 to 22.00hrs by prior reservation only and at extra charge.

Bageecha also includes a large outdoor area with lots of exciting diversions from whale seesaw, swing set, slide, a jungle gym, sand pit and a barbeque area. It is also a host to fun and exciting children’s sports such as badminton, rugby, football, ping pong, baseball and basketball.