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Dive Courses

Divers often compare snorkelling to watching a movie, while in scuba diving are actually an actor playing a role within that movie. Did you ever wish that when you look down on that turtle from above, you could be further down below the surface to get a closer look? Or have you ever imagined how it would feel to be immersed in a giant aquarium of colour, light and life or even come eye to eye with a reef shark? Well – if you’ve dreamt of any of the above, in your mind you’re already a diver!

How many times have you watched the breathtaking images of National Geographic or Blue Planet with divers seemingly suspended in a blue void, surrounded by thousands of shimmering fish pulsating with the energy of a vast ocean and thought, “Wow that looks like an amazing world and I want to explore it too.” Now is your chance. Don’t be intimidated even if you are apprehensive – being a little nervous is totally normal – just stop by and try it! Our “cool, calm and collected” professional instructor team will guide you through the first steps and do everything to help you have an amazing first diving experience.

Learning to Dive with us – Beginner Courses

Discover Scuba Diving/Try Scuba

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is the well established half-day “try dive” course for complete beginners and is an easy and fun introduction into diving. It takes place in the shallow lagoon or on the beautiful house reef of Kuramathi and with maximum four participants per instructor. The course is just two and a half hours, but you will discover the amazing appeal and wonder of scuba diving – the feeling of weightlessness, breathing underwater, swimming with and like a fish, etc.

Open Water Diver (OWD)

After your first experience you have several options if you want to do more: Ideally, you should continue on the Open Water Diver (OWD) course which only takes four days including the Discover. With three dives off the boat on the outside reef (and one in the lagoon) you have a great opportunity to see turtles, rays, sharks, morays and numerous other reef fish

The Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver is a 2 day course (including the DSD/Try Scuba) and includes one dive off the boat. This certificate allows the holder to dive to max. 12m, but always accompanied by a professional. The course is effectively the first half of the Open Water Diver course and is upgradeable to the OWD any time in the future.

If you just do not have time for a certification course, then you should at least try to do a repeat dive off the boat to really experience the fantastic variety of marine life. You will see many more fish and will be accompanied by an instructor or a divemaster throughout your dive.

The Open Water Referral

The Open Water Referral method is a great option if you are keen to get into the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean as soon as possible and/or avoid any sort of study while on holiday. With this option you complete the theoretical study and pool training dives with a dive school at home and then arrive here with your signed referral form from your instructor.

Diving for Kids

Scuba diving is an excellent adventure for kids. Did you know that kids can now start diving as young as 8 years old? Yes, it’s amazing.

Don’t you wish you had been lucky enough to have the chance to go scuba diving at their age? Clearly it is a very gentle introduction at this age and at a maximum depth of just five meters (or shallower), depending on their comfort level, kids absolutely love this safe little adventure. This first dive experience for 8 to 9 year olds is called the Scuba Ranger – a perfect name as it is simply about putting on a mini set of dive gear and swimming around just under the surface and making a lot of bubbles, while learning the first diving basics, movement in the water and identifying common marine life within the snorkel area on our house reef.

From 10 years of age, children can even obtain a junior diving certification. Many parents decide to learn to dive with their children and make it an excellent family adventure, but if not, our instructors will always take care of the kids and ensure they have a safe and fun experience.

Deeper into Diving – Advanced Courses

Nitrox Courses

Do you think nitrox is some strange gas only for hard core technical divers who dive really deep? In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Nitrox is simply enriched air – i.e. more oxygen, less nitrogen and is a great safety option for every diver. We offer several nitrox course options which are very straightforward, include two dives and are good value.

The Advanced Certificate (PADI or SSI)

Do you already have your Open Water Diver certificate, but would like the freedom to dive a bit deeper or are you interested in learning a bit more about special areas of diving such as night diving, underwater photography, our amazing marine life or keen to improve your buoyancy and air consumption? The Advanced is just five dives and is a lot of fun with minimal theory.

Specialty Courses (PADI/SSI)

We offer a wide range of specialties so you can learn more about a specific area of diving that may particularly appeal to you.

Rescue Diver Course (on request)

A challenging and rewarding course, but still good fun.

Divemaster (on request)

Dreaming about leaving the office and swapping your business suit for a wetsuit, then the divemaster course is excellent and your first step to becoming a dive professional!