Snorkeling Maldives | Eco Centre at Kuramathi Island Resort

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Eco Centre

The Eco Centre in Kuramathi was established in 1999, following the El Nińo and the subsequent coral bleach, the management of Kuramathi wanted to better understand this fragile ecosystem and how to protect it best.

Led by a small team of professionals including our Resident Marine Biologist and Horticulturist, the Eco Centre operates all year long and plays a vital role in providing the guests with an enriched experience of Maldives, ensuring guests are aware of proper snorkelling behaviour, and offering guided snorkelling safaris. The centre is also designed to give detailed information about the fascinating underwater world through visual presentations and microscopic presentations both in English and German.

Another interesting feature of the Eco Centre is the sperm whale exhibit complete with facts about this marvelous species. You will also find other marine and botanic specimens here. This environmental hub features a reading corner furnished with a variety of books is available. Other programs carried out by the Eco Centre include conducting coral reef research, monitoring sea water temperature and maintaining a coral nursery.

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