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Kids Club FAQ

The following covers some of the most frequently asked questions at the Kids Club. You will find information about registration process, our services and facilities and babysitting charges as well. If you still have further queries, please contact us at

What is Bageecha Kids Club?

Bageecha is the name of the Kids Club in Kuramathi. It features a wide range of facilities and offers exciting programs for the kids on a daily basis. Bageecha is complimentary for children of 3-12 years from 08.30hrs to 18.30hrs. Offering children fun and exciting times in a safe environment is our top priority. Our dedicated and responsible multinational team will ensure a great stay for your children with us on Kuramathi, while allowing the parents to do the same.

What are the opening hours?

We are open from 08:30hrs to 18.30hrs daily. Our services are also available at a nominal charge from 18.30hrs until 24:00hrs by prior reservation.

How will my child be entertained?

Bageecha Kids Club has activities suitable for all ages up to 12 years. We can accommodate mixed age groups for most of the activities offered. Our Kids Club includes a separate area for babies and toddlers with soft toys and specific games for younger children, a TV room, a variety of boardgames, a reading corner, toys and a creative space for our little artists. Outdoors, we have a BBQ area, playground and a wet area, with a children’s pool and 2 splash pads suitable for different age groups. Every day, there will be pool and beach times planned into the program. Additionally, the children will take part in several indoor and outdoor games, and spend time creating original crafts too.

What is the age range covered?

Children up to twelve years old are welcome.

We accept ages 0-12 years:

  • Children below 3 years – one to one babysitting services is required and is on chargeable basis.
  • Children from 3-12 years – complimentary basis during normal opening hours.

How many children can the club support at any given time?

Bageecha Kids Club can take care of up to 40 children at a time.

How many team members will be available to support the kids?

There are 7 team members at Bageecha Kids Club including the Kids Club Manager, Supervisors, a Lifeguard and Kids Club Attendants. The number of team members on duty varies depending on the number and requirement of the children at the Kids Club. There is always a minimum of two responsible team members available to oversee the children all the time.

Do I need to make an appointment to look around?

No, you do not need to. We welcome all parents to visit the Kids Club. We do however request you to avoid our busy lunch time, which is from 13.00hrs to 14.00hrs.

Do you have a settling in period?

Yes, we have a comprehensive settling in process to ensure that your child is fully relaxed and happy in their new environment. We will work with you until the child is completely relaxed.

Does my child have to participate in the activities provided?

There are lots of activities, toys, and games for the children to choose from. They can choose to do what appeals to them most. During outdoor activities such as beach time, pool games or visiting the Eco-Center, we encourage all the children to participate in the group.

The Bageecha Kids Club program also includes Table Games, Puzzles, Books, Arts and Craft, Role Play Areas, Train Sets, Lego, 10 Pin Bowling, Musical Games and chill out areas.

Although the team is fully interactive during this time, the emphasis is that the children can freely choose which activities they wish to take part in.

What do we need to bring for our child?

You are kindly requested to bring your own items to be used by your child. Each child will be provided his/her own personal items. Supply needs vary according to the age of the child.

Infants: Nappies, nappy cream, bottles, formula, baby food ( if needed), pacifier, change of clothes and baby pram.
Up to 2yrs: Nappies/Pull-ups, nappy cream, change of clothes, nap-time necessities
3yr+: Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. This should include sun hats, sun cream, swimsuit and changing clothes for after water activities.

When and how do I drop off and collect my child?

Bageecha Kids Club is open from 8.30hrs to 19.30hrs. We recommend that your child/children arrive no later than 10.00hrs.

Our standard daily program starts at 10.30hrs and goes on till 13.00hrs. In the afternoon, it starts at 15.00hrs and ends at 18.00hrs. You can drop your child off at any time between 8.30hrs and 19.30hrs and pick up at any time that you would like during Kids Club opening hours.

We operate a strict and secure drop off and collect system. It is necessary for each parent/guardian to sign all children in and/or out each time. Upon arrival, you will be asked to check the contact details and provide us with general information regarding your child/children.

Please note that we will not be able to release your child unless the person who will collect him/her will be the mother/father/guardian or the authorised person mentioned in the registration form.

Should I bring any baby food on the island?

Your baby or toddler can have the special meals in our buffet restaurants or at Island Coffee Shop outside of the opening hours of the buffet restaurant. We will provide fresh food for your children when they are at our Kids Club.

What will my child eat at the Kids Club?

We provide snacks, fresh fruits, water, milk and juices throughout the day.

Kids Club provides a hot light lunch and dinner. Children are welcome to share our delicious lunch in the Kids Club (4 different dishes) between 11.45hrs till 13.45hrs (lunch time) and dinner from 18.00hrs till 19.00hrs.

Please let us know if your child has any food allergies when you register.

We provide special baby food for babies and toddlers below 3 years old.

Who will be looking after my child?

We know that a great team make for a great holiday at the Kids Club. All of our team members possess the right experience, skills and personalities necessary to bring out the best in your children, whilst ensuring all activities are delivered in a safe and organised manner.

Bageecha Kids Club and Kuramathi Maldives believe that motivated and enthusiastic team members play a vital role to make sure that exceptional and high standard service is provided. We do assist our team members with continued professional development.

Do Bageecha Kids Club accept private kids’ parties such as Birthdays?

Yes! Our club will be a perfect place for your child’s party. Please get in touch with the Kids Club Manager who can help you plan a memorable party for your children and their friends.

Can my child be in the same group with kids of different ages?

During the activities at Bageecha Kids Club, children are given the chance to decide what they would like to do. They can chill out with friends and take part in a selection of cool games and activities including Table Football, Lego Building, Card Games, Art Tables, Balloon Modelling, Board Games, swimming, beach time, Jewelry Making, and much more. While the children have the absolute freedom to choose the activities they wish to take part in, all activities are supervised by our Kids Club team. As a result, all children, whatever age category they are in, will be able to play all together!

Can my child sleep in the Kids Club during the day in case he/she is tired?

Yes, we have a special room where the babies, toddlers or children can have a nap or relax.

Are the parents allowed to stay in?

Parents, guardians or families with a babysitter will be able to stay in the Kids Club all the necessary time that their child will need to feel comfortable with our Kids Club team members. For children that require 1 to 1 support (babies & toddlers, under 3 years), the parents must stay all the time.

What is the registration process for Kids Club?

Parents need to fill out the registration form at the Kids Club. Please complete the form and ensure all the details are correct. A Kids Club team member will double check with you if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any special request.

How does my child sign up for the Kids Club?

All the children will need to be accompanied by their parents/guardians because they must complete the Kids Club registration form and should receive all the information about our activities, rules and regulations.

What if I want my child to leave the Kids Club alone?

No. For the safety of your child and to comply with the Kids Club policies and regulations, the children must be collected by their parents/guardian.

What if I need to leave my child in the Kids Club after the normal opening hours?

You will be able to book a babysitter in the Kids Club for a fee, subject to availability.

What are the facilities offered at the Kids Cub?

We provide high standard toys and equipment to facilitate educational fun activities of your children and update them regularly. The Kids Club has its own outdoor garden area with a few different play areas, BBQ corner, sandbox, playground, sports area, children pool and 2 splash pads. Inside, we also have a reading corner with plenty of books; creative area for our little geniuses; buffet area to enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner; plenty of sensory toys, and toys to keep small children occupied and stimulated. There is also a separate nursery room where the little ones can sleep. We are located very close to the pool area and the beach, and right next to Palm restaurant. We provide 24 hours babysitting services (conditions apply).

Do we need to pay a fee for Kids Club facilities?

No. During the regular operating hours of the Kids Club, our services are free of charge for children of 3-12 years. Activities during the special programs such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter are also complimentary. Babies and toddlers under 3 years are always welcome to join any of our organised activities, however, babysitting charges will apply.

Can I use the Kids Club toys and games when I play with my baby at the Kids Club?

If you are interested in using the materials, games and toys, please feel free to use them. Please do not make any alterations or any kind of damage.

Can my child bring toys and games from home?

We request that your child does not bring personal items including toys and electronic games into the Kids Club. This is because it can cause problems with sharing and security. Bageecha Kids Club cannot accept liability for loss of, or damage to any property that is brought onto the premises without their knowledge. If children do bring in items, we will ask them to surrender the items to the Kids Club team members and it will be given back to parents.

Do you take the children out for trips?

Yes, occasionally your child may be taken on trips around the island, beaches or other places of interest (Natural Trail, Eco-Centre, Semi-submarine) These trips will help extend your child’s learning and curiosity and are well planned in advance. You will always be advised of these trips and your consent will be required for your child’s participation before they occur.

Where can I find some information about Kids Club program?

You will be able to find information about our Bageecha Kids Club on our website, on our iPads and on our in-house TV and in the Kids Club itself.

What are the objectives of the Kids Club programs?

Our Kids Club programs are designed to provide healthy relationships and an incredible holiday in an amazing environment like the Maldives. We consider the development of children’s personality and curiosity, while trying to enhance their literary and artistic talents, and facilitate their interaction with others irrespective of their race, religion and nationality.

What will my child do during the day in the Kids Club program?

Weekly activities are planned and geared by the team according to specific ages and interests of the children at the resort. These activities may include swimming, soccer, sports, out-trips to the island, nature trails and Eco Centre visits with our Residence Marine Biologist, face painting, a variety of arts and crafts, music and movement, theme days as treasure hunts, BBQ days and plenty of other fun games.

Activities take place in the Bageecha Kids Club and at the lovely gardens, beautiful beaches, pool side and around the island. Children always have a choice which activities they can participate in. Parents are given a weekly program that outlines the activities available for the children.

Can my baby or toddler participate in all the activities provided by Bageecha Kids Club such as pool time or beach day?

Yes, during the registration, you will be able to choose different activities that your child would like to take part. We will need your permission in writing to involve your child in the outdoor activities.

How do I know about my child’s daily routine?

At the end of the day, our Kids Club team members will give you feedback about your child’s day. For the babies and younger children, this will include information about their sleep times, mealtimes and nappy changes. The feedback also includes information about activities and experiences that your child has been involved in during the day.

What are the fees for Kids Club?

Bageecha Kids Club offers complimentary daily program for all the children between 3 years and 12 years old, from 08.30hrs to 19.30hrs. There will be a charge for children under 3 years old and those with special needs. This is subject to availability by prior reservation.

  • Children under 3 years old: US$ 15 per hour between 08.30hrs and 22.00hrs in the Kids Club
  • All ages: US$ 15 per child/hour from 19.30hrs to 22.00hrs (Kids Club)
  • All ages: US$ 20 per child/hour from 22.00hrs to 00.00hrs (Kids Club)
  • All ages: US$ 20 per child/hour from 19.30hrs to 00.00hrs (Villa)
  • All ages: US$ 30 per child/hour from 00.00hrs to 07.00hrs (Villa)
  • All ages: US$ 20 per child/hour from 07.00hrs to 08.30hrs (Villa)

Special prices for siblings over 3 years old (50% discount) for the second child. Special discount does not apply to babies or toddlers. An individual babysitter per child is required always for children below 3 years.

What happens if I collect my child after closing hours?

Bageecha Kids Club will not charge if your child overstays by 15 minutes. Beyond that, you will be charged for a full hour of babysitting services.

Do you provide babysitting services?

Yes, we provide babysitting services 24hrs a day subject to availability and a charge.

During Kids Club operating hours, babysitting service is provided within the Kids Club premises. After operating hours, you have the option to have the babysitting services either in the Kids Club or in your villa. For safety reasons, babysitting services cannot be provided in any other premises.

What if I don’t have my villa close to the Kids Club?

At Kuramathi, we have a buggy service from 4.30hrs till 01.00hrs the following day. We have several buggy stops around the island.

Will it be possible to book the babysitting in advance?

Yes, it is a requirement that babysitting services be booked in advance. Please contact our reservations team at to make a booking.

Who will provide babysitting services for the children?

Babysitting service is provided only by the Kids Club Team members. Prior to any babysitting sessions, the team members receive comprehensive babysitting training conducted by the Kids Club Manager.

What should I bring to the Kids Club when I book babysitting services for my child?

You will need to bring all the necessary items that the baby or toddler will need during babysitting such as disposable nappies, baby wipes, sun cream, special toys or blanket, special food if needed such as the formula milk and the baby pram. We advise you to label the personal items with the parent’s full name/ child’s full name. (Kids Club has 3 baby prams which can be used free of charge)

What is your Kids Club Staffing Ratio?

The Kids Club has seven team members working all year. We employ adequate number of team members depending on the requirement and number of children in the Kids Club.

We always work with the following different ratios in place:

  • Minimum 1 team member: for up to 5 children of 7 to 12 years.
  • Minimum 1 team member: for up to 4 children of 3 to 6 years.
  • 1 team member: for 1 baby/toddler (mandatory).

We do not cater to many babies/toddlers at the same time to ensure the necessary care is provided to all children less than 3 years of age.

  • Kids Club team members will never leave the children alone under any circumstances during inside or outside activities.
  • All Kids Club team members are trained and instructed to follow the protocol. They understand emergency and first aid requirements and procedures.
  • We create a healthy and safe environment for children by selecting, screening and continuously training our team members in house. They are excellent role models who work well with children. They are positive, committed, trustworthy and enthusiastic.

What is your policy regarding illness?

If your child is sick or has any contagious illness, we ask you please do NOT bring them to the Kids Club for the safety of the other children.

My child has an allergy. How can you ensure they do not become exposed?

When you register your child in the Kids Club, the first step will be to have a dialogue with our Kids Club team members regarding important and general information. During your settling visit, you must complete a registration form where there is a question about allergies as well. You are expected to disclose the details if your child has an allergy. We will do our best to ensure that your child does not consume the disclosed allergen.

What happens if my child falls sick in the Kids Club?

We will contact you immediately using the emergency contact details provided by you. Your child will be attended to by the In-house Doctor at the Medical Centre.

What if my child requires medication whilst at the Kids Club?

Bageecha Kids Club will not undertake administration of any prescribed medication. It is our Kids Club policy that all prescribed medication should be administered by the parents/ guardian only without any exception.

All medication should be handled by the parents or legal guardians. Please be advised that our team members are not allowed to medicate any children under any circumstances. If your children require 1 to 1 support, we do permit one parent, relative or babysitter to accompany them during their stay at the club. We can also arrange a babysitter, chargeable at an hourly rate.

Do you accommodate children with special needs? My child requires extra support. Can the Kids Club accommodate them?

We will need to discuss your child’s specific requirements before you book our services (chargeable), so please just get in touch with us at We will obtain feedback from each family individually to make sure that proper service is provided by our Kids Club team members. If you have a child who may need extra support, our team will work with you on how we can include your child in our activities. We are more than happy to accommodate them if we can. We are committed to providing a fun, secure environment for all children.

Will my child be photographed while participating in the Kids Club activities?

Yes. By enrolling your child for Kids’ Club programs, you give permission for the Kids Club to use without obligation photographs, film, footage or tape recordings that may include participants’ image or voice for the purpose of promoting Kids Club Programs.

Who takes the responsibility for the risks involved in the Kids Club activities?

As a parent or legal guardian of your child, you agree to assume and accept all known and unknown risks of injury arising from the Kids’ Club activities. During the registration process, you will be required to complete and sign a legal disclaimer.

How can I get my other questions answered?

Please, feel free contact We will be more than happy to help you with your questions.